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Beautiful Butterflies

IMG_2420IMG_2421IMG_2422IMG_2423IMG_2424IMG_2425IMG_2426IMG_2427IMG_2428IMG_2429IMG_2431IMG_2432IMG_2433IMG_2434IMG_2435IMG_2436IMG_2437IMG_2438IMG_2439IMG_2440IMG_2441IMG_2442IMG_2443IMG_2444IMG_2445IMG_2446IMG_2447IMG_2448IMG_2449IMG_2450IMG_2451IMG_2452IMG_2453IMG_2454IMG_2455IMG_2456IMG_2457IMG_2458IMG_2459IMG_2460IMG_2461IMG_2462IMG_2463IMG_2464IMG_2465IMG_2466IMG_2467IMG_2468IMG_2469IMG_2470IMG_2471IMG_2472IMG_2473IMG_2474IMG_2475IMG_2476IMG_2477IMG_2478IMG_2479IMG_2480IMG_2481IMG_2482IMG_2483IMG_2484IMG_2485IMG_2486IMG_2430IMG_2437IMG_2426IMG_2421IMG_2420IMG_2429IMG_2428IMG_2423IMG_2425IMG_2426IMG_2427IMG_2427IMG_2429IMG_2420IMG_2422IMG_2426IMG_2421Foundation class have been watching the life cycle of butterflies over the past few weeks. We had to look after the tiny caterpillars so that they could build the chrysalis and change into beautiful butterflies.

Today, we released the butterflies. They couldn’t wait to fly out of their butterfly garden enclosure! Some of them were happy to let us hold them gently on our hands.


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