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Bird Feeders

Things got messy in Year 1 on Thursday when we made bird feeders! 

We used 3 cups of bird seed, half a cup of peanuts and 250g of melted lard. We melted the lard in the microwave, then added the dry ingredients and mixed it all together. Once the mixture was spooned into our cups, we left it in the fridge overnight to set. 


Spring chicken

This term in Foundation we have had the opportunity to watch Chick eggs hatch. We learned about the life cycle of a chicken and learned how to take care of them. We all had an Eggcellent time and have enjoyed having the chicks in the classroom.IMG_2069IMG_2070IMG_2071IMG_2072IMG_2073IMG_2074IMG_2075IMG_2077IMG_2078IMG_2079IMG_2080IMG_2081IMG_2082IMG_2083IMG_2084IMG_2085IMG_2086IMG_2087IMG_2088IMG_2089IMG_2090IMG_2091IMG_2093IMG_2094IMG_2095IMG_2096IMG_2097IMG_2098IMG_2099IMG_2100IMG_2101IMG_2102IMG_2103IMG_2104IMG_2105IMG_2106IMG_2108IMG_2109IMG_2110IMG_2111IMG_2112IMG_2113IMG_2114IMG_2115IMG_2117IMG_2118IMG_2119IMG_2121IMG_2122IMG_2123IMG_2124