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K is for…

This week we have learnt the ‘k’ sound. We made our own Kandinsky paintings and learnt where kangaroos and koalas live. We also learnt that a baby kangaroo is called a joey! 



Children In Need

This week we celebrated Children In Need. We wore our pyjamas to school and held a talent show to raise money! In Foundation class we also made Pudsey cupcakes…they were delicious!! 🙂 



C is for…

This week we have been learning about the letter ‘c’. We have done lots of different crafts, including poppy pictures to remember the brave soldiers who fought in the war and making cards to celebrate Diwali. 


N is for…

Last week in Foundation class we learnt the ‘n’ sound. We learnt that night starts with ‘n’ so we made Bonfire Night pictures. We learnt about nocturnal animals and made our own hedgehog nests using leaves and twigs. We had to make sure that the nests would be safe and warm for the hedgehogs!