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Foundation class visited the Caerphilly mountain ranch and went on a Gruffalo trail and meet the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s child. We went on a magical walk through the enchanted forest and saw some beautiful fairy’s it was very magical and we all had a wonderful fun filled day.IMG_4734IMG_4733IMG_4732IMG_4731IMG_4730IMG_4729IMG_4721IMG_4722IMG_4725IMG_4726IMG_4727IMG_4728IMG_4720IMG_4719IMG_4718IMG_4717IMG_4716IMG_4715IMG_4709IMG_4710IMG_4711IMG_4712IMG_4714IMG_4703IMG_4704IMG_4705IMG_4706IMG_4707IMG_4702IMG_4701IMG_4699IMG_4695IMG_4694IMG_4688IMG_4689IMG_4690IMG_4691IMG_4692IMG_4693IMG_4687IMG_4685IMG_4683IMG_4682IMG_4668IMG_4671IMG_4677IMG_4680IMG_4681IMG_4667IMG_4666IMG_4664IMG_4663IMG_4656IMG_4657IMG_4655IMG_4654IMG_4653IMG_4652IMG_4651IMG_4649IMG_4643IMG_4644IMG_4645IMG_4646IMG_4647IMG_4648IMG_4641IMG_4640IMG_4638IMG_4631IMG_4632IMG_4634IMG_4635IMG_4636IMG_4630IMG_4629IMG_4628IMG_4626IMG_4625IMG_4619IMG_4620IMG_4621IMG_4622IMG_4623IMG_4624IMG_4617IMG_4616IMG_4614IMG_4611IMG_4604IMG_4603IMG_4595IMG_4597IMG_4602IMG_4600IMG_4589IMG_4590IMG_4594IMG_4587IMG_4579IMG_4580IMG_4582IMG_4577IMG_4573IMG_4566IMG_4567IMG_4568IMG_4570IMG_4571IMG_4562IMG_4564IMG_4565IMG_4559IMG_4558IMG_4557IMG_4556IMG_4555IMG_4554IMG_4552IMG_4551IMG_4550IMG_4549IMG_4548IMG_4547IMG_4541IMG_4542IMG_4543IMG_4544IMG_4545IMG_4546IMG_4535IMG_4536IMG_4537IMG_4538IMG_4540IMG_4529IMG_4532IMG_4533IMG_4534IMG_4528IMG_4527IMG_4526IMG_4525IMG_4524IMG_4523IMG_4522IMG_4521IMG_2273IMG_4520IMG_4519IMG_4518IMG_4517

Butterfly Garden

Foundation class have been watching the life cycle of butterflies over the past few weeks. We had to look after the tiny caterpillars so that they could build the chrysalis and change into beautiful butterflies.

Today, we invited Recpetion class to help up to release the butterflies. They couldn’t wait to fly out of their butterfly garden enclosure! Some of them were happy to let us hold them gently on our hands.


Den Day 

This morning, Foundation and Reception were busy building dens for Save the Children. We found out that some children are not as lucky as we are in Kings Monkton and they sometimes need people to raise money to help them which is why we built our dens. We have had lots of fun!! 

A big thank you to parents for sending in blankets, quilts, boxes etc for us to build our dens! 

Foundation and Reception classes went on a fun-filled day to Cefn Mably farm! Foundation have been learning about farm animals so we thought it would be exciting to see the animals first hand. We saw: pigs, sheep, horses, donkeys, chickens, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. We all had the chance to ride on a pony too!!



L is for…

Last week in Foundation we learnt the sound ‘l’. We tasted lemons and limes…they were very sour!! We made our own lemonade using lemons, water and sugar. We used a lemon squeezer to squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemons. Foundation class had to use their big muscles to squeeze the lemons!! 



In Foundation and Reception class we had lots of Easter fun!! Some of us took part in an Easter bonnet parade…didn’t we look fabulous?

We were also very lucky that the Easter bunny came to visit our class! While we were having a treat in Reception class, he hopped in and hid eggs for us to find. We had lots of fun trying to find the eggs and even more fun eating them!! 


We had a lovely day celebrating World Book Day in Foundation class. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes!